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For all those who wish to enjoy and discover the gems of Greece, away from the beaten track, indulge in comfort, realize the essence of a place, the moment, the site, experience the Leviathan of Greek beauty and its culture Weguide is where you must arrive.
Professional, extraordinaire guides comprise our team of guides and custom made tours…


The light of Crete, mountains, it’s history, ruins its beaches and countryside what better way to experience with We Guide.

Everything here speaks now, as it did centuries ago. Of illumination,of blinding joyous illumination. Light acquires a transcendental quality …it is not the light of the Mediterranean alone, it is something more,unfathomable, something holy.
Here the light penetrates directly the soul, opens the doors and windows of the heart, makes one naked, exposed  isolated in a metaphysical bliss making everything clear without being known.

The rocks themselves are even quite wise mad even  as they have been lying for centuries exposed to this divine illumination ..lying very still and quiet,nestling amid colored shrubs in a blood stained soil …a soil of centuries of civilization,history,revolts and love of life..Experience Crete!

We are members of

  • Hellenic Assosiation of Tourism and Travel Agencies (HATTA)
  • Authorized licence of the Greek National Tourism Oranization (GNTO)
  • Greek Chinese Chamber
  • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)